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Independent Insurance Agent logoWe are an independent insurance agency representing trusted companies like The Travelers, New York Central Mutual, GMAC Insurance, Foremost.

We are true professionals helping you to obtain proper coverage for your needs…. not just a quick quote without thought as to your situation.

Examples, it is estimated that over 1 in 7 drivers out there do not have insurance or are underinsured. Are you protected if they cause serious injury to you or major property damage to your vehicle? For only a nominal premium you can obtain proper underinsured coverage from your carrier offering to make up the difference. Don’t let someone cause injury to you without the ability to cover your losses.

For only a small premium you can increase your own Personal Injury Protection that will cover you for your own injuries, regardless of fault. So important. What about income protection for you? That is called OBEL, or optional basic economic loss. Be protected. Be Covered.

How about a floating liability policy that gives you $1,000,000 in extra liability coverage for injuries you or someone driving your car, or on your property cause to others? This coverage is on top of your auto coverage and your homeowners, and is lower in cost.

Man in Car - GRS Insurance AgencySo insurance is about protecting yourself from others who do not carry enough insurance when they hurt you, and it is about obtaining the right liability coverage to protect your assets from claims of others. Your home, your business, and your money are at risk…. be properly protected.

Let us review your coverage and situation.

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